Roosevelt's Living Wax Museum


On Thursday, April 14th, the fourth grade students at Roosevelt School celebrated their 3rd Annual Living Wax Museum for parents/guardians, district administrators and community members.

This annual event begins with students reading and researching a historical person (i.e. John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Pocahontas, etc.) of their choice. Each student will use their school research to create a two minute monologue script. The script allows each student to take on the personality of their chosen character. Another requirement of the program is for students to create a "button" that was used to activate their character during the presentation. On the opening day of the museum, students dressed in the character to portray the person researched and included three artifacts (props) displayed during the exhibition. A great job by the students and their teachers for their hard work and an  exciting "Living Wax Museum" tour.